Operations — Overview

The Alea Holdings LLC home office is located in Southlake, Texas, but through existing strategic alliances and through direct acquisition of small established companies and participation in projects targeted for 2008 and 2009, Alea Holdings LLC looks to establish a global footprint with offices in Central America, the Middle East, Africa, Europe and Asia. The Alea Holdings LLC growth strategy is to develop long-term relationships and have a physical presence in regions globally. The Alea Holdings LLC builds organic growth through a "hearts and minds" approach based on long-term relationships in regions where we operate. There is significant opportunity globally in the security and risk space, where conditions change daily. Alea Holdings LLC plans to establish a network of global offices that will assist companies that want to conduct good business and projects in difficult regions.

Alea Holdings LLC is a privately held, veteran owned small business with growth, marketing and opportunities that  will be generated and delivered through strategic partnerships. This flat organization model allows for quick decisions, flexibility and scalability while reducing overhead costs that are not necessary.

As acquisitions are made globally, and projects secured, individuals will be hired to manage and operate as required and as budget allows ensuring controlled growth and reduced overhead costs.

Alea Holdings LLC Serves Business Continuity Leaders

A new category of C-level officer has been created, focusing on maintaining and managing ongoing operations of corporations throughout active disruptive events or even significant disasters. Known as the Chief Continuity Officer, the financial survivability of the enterprise is their primary responsibility.

This board-level accountability now exists in over 75% of the Global 1000 corporations, including the significant majority of multi-national and cross-border concerns.

A new generation of integrated security information solutions are needed to provide a coherent platform for supporting the ongoing operations of this new business function and its leadership for the foreseeable future.